An Accredited Land Consultant is the Key Element to a Successful Land Transaction
An ALC has the knowledge and expertise to maximize the return on your land investment
An ALC is part of an extensive networkof land professionals who specialize in property valuation, in marketing, and identifying qualified buyers, sellers and exchangers.
An ALC stays current with local and national land trends.
An ALC helps you meet your investment goals though highest and best use analysis.

What Can an Accredited Land Consultant Provide You?
Market Valuation
  • Property valuation
  • Land-value information
  • Current details about land managment and sales
  • Facts about your area's property market
  • Advice about specific land parcels

An Accredited Land Consultant has the advanced knowledge, training and expertise to advise you on the highest and best uses for your property. That advanced training translates to innovative solutions for unique property transactions and the know-how to facilitate the development process in land use changes.